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PhD project

Cuprate high-temperature superconducting microstructures

High temperature superconductivity is found to coexist with other correlated phases. Recently a charge-density-wave has been found to coexist with superconductivity in cuprates. In iron-based superconductors, spin-density waves and a potential electronic nematic phase exists in the vicinity of superconductivity. Understanding the role of these phases, whether they are competitive or collaborative, is a key challenge in the field and may show new ways towards more robust superconductivity with higher transition temperatures.

The PhD project will involve a broad spectrum of experimental techniques and state-of-the-art nanofabrication. You will develop new approaches to fabricate mesoscale structures, similar to the SmFeAs(O,F) structure shown above, from oxide superconductors. The project involves the use of extreme pulsed magnetic fields to tune these quantum ground states up to 100T. You will perform regularly experiments at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in the United States, providing you with the opportunity to build an international research network and gain broad experience in the field. You will make full use of the Institute’s excellent and brand new cleanroom facility that gives access to electron beam lithography, laser lithography and Focused Ion Beam milling.

The full project description can be found here.