Lamella on TEM grid

For certain applications it’s necessary to extract the lamella out of the crystal for further processing. This can be done in-situ in the FIB using a tungsten needle as a manipulator. Here the lamella has been welded to a copper TEM grid holder and subsequently structured into a transport device.

lamella diving board

Cantilevering a lamella off the side of a sapphire piece reduces the coupling to the substrate and eliminates possible strain effects on the measurement. Here a Van der Pauw geometry has been patterned into a lamella of CeIrIn5.

Critical current device

This device was optimised for critical current measurements along two different crystallographic directions. The small cross-section at the constriction of the devices leads to a locally enhanced current density driving the device critical. On the other hand large current contacts reduce the contact resistance and minimise self-heating at the contact injections.


What would be impossible to fabricate with conventional techniques is easily doable with a FIB. Here we structured a semi-circle into a lamella to measure the angle dependent transport in CeIrIn5.

Hall-y trinity

This piece of single crystal NbP was structured into a device where 3 Hall bars can be measured simultaneously. The current flows along the green path, while the Hall voltage is measured along the c-axis (blue contacts) or a-axis (pink contact).


Meet Red Robin. Our newest 16T rotator probe for resonant magnetometry and transport measurements