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European Research Council Starter Grant 2016 goes to mqm!

We are happy and excited about the decision of the ERC to fund a new project on microstructured topological matter (“MiTopMat”). In this five year project, we will investigate the transport properties of novel topological states such as the Fermi arc surface states. By designing microstructures on the length scale at or below the mean […]

Hydrodynamic currents in PdCoO2 published in Science

We have investigated how electric currents flow through FIB-fabricated microconstrictions in ultra-pure crystals of the delafossite PdCoO2. As the channel width becomes narrower and narrower, the sample enters the ballistic regime when it becomes thinner than the bulk mean free path (which is at 20 micron insanely high in this material). In ballistic transport, the […]